Truck on a freeway

Borne from nearly 40 years of experience with top military transportation vendors, Atrenne Computing Solutions brings a tried-and-true level of expertise and dependability to the commercial market. Military- and defense-grade shock and vibration protection; thermal regulation and cooling; and airtight protection against dust, moisture, and other external elements allows for the continued performance and reliability of electronic systems in high-speed transportation systems.

Atrenne's expertise in fanless enclosure design and power supply reliability for mission-critical and performance-critical communications and data applications is ideally suited for mobile systems deployed in the harsh conditions of rail, ship, and avionic transportation. Our custom-built solutions ensure off-the-shelf technologies deliver reliable performance in the most rugged environments, and can be designed with the form factor of customer choice - anything from VME and VPX to MicroTCA, cPCI, and PXI.

Rugged enclosures and integration for electronic systems across all transportation, including:

  • Heavy trucking
  • Rail transportation
  • Ship
  • Aerospace and aviation

Atrenne Delivers:

  • ISO 9001/2000-certified design and production process
  • 10 year-plus product lifecycle support
  • Full integration capabilities
  • Open architecture standards and products
  • Cost-effective design and production of modified standard and custom products for all environments
  • Continuous product cost reduction

Celebrating 20 years of excellence in embedded computing solutions