Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

After nearly half a century of bringing mission-critical and performance-critical embedded computing solutions to some of the harshest environments in the world with the military, Atrenne Computing Solutions is working with leading energy companies to make in-field data processing and computer-directed oil exploration possible on every part of the globe. From the extreme cold of North America to the heat and sandy wind of the desert, Atrenne's rackmounts, backplanes, and rugged enclosures are built for the vibration and pressure of oil and gas exploration in the most brutal climates.

Our unique combination of mechanical, electrical, and system design expertise allows us to deliver customized system-level electronic solutions against a variety of standard open architectures, including VME, cPCI, MicroTCA, VPX, and multiple others. With full vertical integration that enables complete quality control from design through to production, Atrenne is dedicated to seamless integration with our customers' overall system development process.

Rugged systems for the harshest in-field exploration applications, including:

  • Oil exploration
  • On/off-shore drilling
  • Supervisory control and data acquisitions (SCADA)
  • Data communications

Atrenne Delivers:

  • ISO 9001/2000-certified design and production process
  • 10 year-plus product lifecycle support
  • Full integration capabilities
  • Open architecture standards and products
  • Cost-effective design and production of modified standard and custom products for all environments
  • Continuous product cost reduction

Celebrating 20 years of excellence in embedded computing solutions