Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets

For industries as varied as coal mining, manufacturing automation, or even public utilities, Atrenne Computing Solutions' customized rugged packaging solutions enable embedded computing in any environment, no matter how harsh or constrained.

Our focus on quality and dependable embedded systems and interconnects allows our customers to concentrate on the devices and technologies that their customers need - without worrying about how to protect them. With system engineering expertise that encompasses thermal management, shock and vibration, size and weight constraints, networking requirements, environmental challenges and more, Atrenne's custom capabilities include the design and manufacturing of customized products that support all of the most widely-used bus structures, including VME, VPX, VXS, cPCI, AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, and many other switch fabric technologies.

Embedded computing built for harsh environments across multiple industries and technologies, including:

  • Data management and processing equipment
  • Turbine control systems
  • Mining
  • High-speed, large volume printing
  • Municipal utilities maintenance

Atrenne Delivers:

  • ISO 9001/2000-certified design and production process
  • 10 year-plus product lifecycle support
  • Full integration capabilities
  • System-level solutions
  • Open architecture standards and products
  • Cost-effective design and production of modified standard and custom products for all environments
  • Continuous product cost reduction
  • Regulatory adherence

Celebrating 20 years of excellence in embedded computing solutions