LEAN Manufacturing

LEAN Manufacturing

Atrenne Computing Solutions' world-class LEAN Manufacturing program goes beyond simply employing traditional LEAN tools and techniques. At Atrenne, we actively involve every single employee on a daily basis with a targeted focus on continuous improvement - and the resulting benefits to our customers are outstanding.

The Atrenne Difference

Begun in 2006, our first LEAN efforts focused on areas such as kit generation, work-in-progress, material transport, queue, assembly time and final quality control. This initial project resulted in a lead time reduction of 56% for one of our top-tier customers, and our LEAN program has been operating successfully ever since.

We've now expanded the program to the entire facility to cover all departments from operations such as sheet metal fabrication, plating, paint and silkscreen, and harnessing; to cable and board assembly, enclosure assembly, system integration, and test. Employees are split up into interdepartmental LEAN teams that focus on the systematic elimination of waste in the manufacturing processes of a specific area, which also allows them to cross-pollinate with multiple areas of operation and apply the knowledge to their own jobs for seamless integration across departments. And Atrenne goes beyond the traditional "5S" LEAN program philosophy to include 6S with a focus on safety.


But the key to the success of Atrenne's LEAN Manufacturing program is our people. Every single company employee, from the management team to the manufacturing techs, is intimately involved in the program. Daily meetings allow each team member to make a valuable contribution to the process, and teams also meet company-wide to share the ideas and processes that helped improve operations in their focus areas. It is a process of continuous improvement, and the team has often applied information learned from other project areas to upcoming or pending projects - again, with a strong focus on continuous improvement and ultimately, better value for our customers.

The implementation of the LEAN Manufacturing program has resulted in more organized operations on every level and is continuing to improve throughput, increase customer satisfaction, increase quality and improve delivery times. Atrenne has already received two State of Massachusetts Workforce Training Grants for our LEAN efforts. Our customers - and even our auditors - are truly impressed when they see the program in action at our facility.

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