Atrenne Computing Solutions' unique combination of in-depth mechanical, electrical, and system design knowledge is gleaned from working with extreme mission- and performance-critical embedded computing applications for nearly 40 years. Atrenne's commitment to quality is a core tenet of our business and comes from decades of experience serving some of the largest industrial companies and defense contractors in the world. When mission- and performance-critical reliability is on the line, Atrenne has delivered time and again.

With specifications, design questions, or even nothing more than system requirements, our customers come to Atrenne with their rugged electronic system needs assured they can rely on our expertise in design and development for ultimate reliability in any environment in the world. The Atrenne team has extensive engineering experience with all major open architecture platforms, including VME, VPX, VXS, PXI, Compact PCI, AdvancedTCA, and microTCA.

Complete vertical integration ensures quality through the entire development process, from design to engineering, metalworking to final product testing.

Atrenne Computing Solutions' Capabilities Include:

  • Backplane design, cable and interconnect
  • Board-level products
  • CE, UL, CSA, VDE, IEC and FCC agency certifications
  • Complete system maintenance services
  • Custom engineering for rugged electronic systems including electrical, mechanical, and software design for VME, VXS, VPX, Compact PCI, microTCA and more
  • Custom power supplies and distribution systems
  • Electrical simulations
  • EMI and RFI cabinet and enclosure design
  • Full range of environmental testing services
  • Integrity testing for backplanes/ backplane characterization
  • Low MTTR and high MTBF
  • Mechanical integration through software load and test
  • Outdoor and harsh environment packaging
  • Program lifecycle analysis and management
  • Program management and documentation services, including test plans, test procedures and in-depth scheduling
  • Programming and configuration monitoring
  • Quality assurance testing services
  • Rugged chassis/rugged enclosure design and manufacture
  • Serial I/O design, storage systems layout
  • Structural engineering analysis
  • System control and hardware monitoring
  • System control and monitoring programming and configuration
  • System expansion
  • System integration
  • Thermal simulation
Celebrating 20 years of excellence in embedded computing solutions